Possible Employment Opportunity in UAE
on Friday, 17 October 2014

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The REDHORSE Association is in a unique position, in that we receive notifications of possible employment opportunities. We are happy to post these notifications on our various pages in hopes that it will benefit RH/PB troops. Please understand that we cannot verify the validity of these requests, however we also have no reason to suspect that they are falsely presented.

 That said, we have received another request to post the job opening below. Steven has let us know that only his UAE phone number will work there so email would probably be the best way to communicate.

Please follow the "read more" link to view the information. To the HORSE!

Immediate Opening For Air Field Battle Damage Repair (AFBDR) Engineer in Abu Dhabi.


LF Air Field Battle Damage Repair (AFBDR) Engineer Career Field Specific Duties:

  Manage defense construction repair program(s)/projec(s)t.  Responsibilities may be or specifically focused (e.g., Assistant for a particular function) and may be line or staff in nature.  Responsible for Cost, Schedule and Performance of AFBDR projects.  Supervises program staff and resources.  Develops training programs and recommends types of repairs, material, training, doctrine, organization and strategy for the AFBDR Career Field and mission.

  Execute duties guided by the LF Engineering Commander and General Head Quarters (GHQ);

  Reports to LF and  Supports UAE Air Force, Critical Infrastructure Coastal Protection Agency (CICPA),  Joint Aviation Command (JAC), LF, Navy and Presidential Guard (PG); and

   Duties to include those listed on Position Support Job Details


Job Details

The LF mission Airfield Engineering Specialization is to provide appropriate infrastructure for the conduct and sustainment of effective combat and related air operations to the UAE Forces.  To achieve this the Airfield Engineering Specialization requires the ability to deploy onshore to provide their vital enabling functions for the projection of UAE's core air power capability.

The Airfield Engineering Organization provides advice to the wider UAE infrastructure including:

        Provision, protection and regeneration of air bases;

        Ability to rapidly deploy to, assess, prepare, maintain and regenerate both onshore and offshore military and civilian airfields;

        Protection and sustainment of air power; and

        Provision of infrastructure and expertise for passive defense and physical security to airfields.


Employment conditions range from office based administrative oriented employment in such activities as planning, establishing strategy, and policy formulation. The other end of the employment spectrum is at the operational Airfield Engineering Unit with trades persons and plant operators, where the majority of the UAE's Airfield Engineering physical capabilities reside and are utilized and exercised.


Red Horse and/or Prime Beef Experience required. 


Steven A. MacLaird, Col (Ret), USAF

Highland Consulting Group

(US Cell)703.231.6335
(UAE Cell)  + (971)56.129.5537

email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Last update: Friday, 17 October 2014

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