Air Force Academy cadets shadow 36th CES, experience operational Air Force
on Wednesday, 03 June 2009

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by Airman Carissa Wolff
36th Wing Public Affairs

6/2/2009 - ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam -- Fourteen Air Force Academy cadets, specializing in engineering degrees, arrived here May 16 for a two-week temporary duty to experience an operational civil engineer squadron.

"The cadets came to Andersen as part of a summer class called field engineer readiness laboratory," said Capt. Matt Burrell, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron readiness and emergency management flight commander. "The class makes cadets apply the skills they've learned by building and de-constructing at a job site on the Academy grounds. The tour of Andersen was the first part of that class. The tour was geared to show the cadets what an operational civil engineering squadron is really like."

The cadets toured the heating, ventilating and air conditioning shop as well as structures, utilities, heavy equipment and ground maintenance, power production and engineering shops within the 36th CES, shadowing the operations of the squadron. The cadets also toured the Andersen fire department, explosive ordinance disposal flight, 554th RED HORSE Squadron and 36th Mobility Response Squadron to learn about their missions.

Cadet 2nd Class Jeff Larkin, a third-year Air Force Academy cadet, compared the tour of the 36th CES to his curriculum at the academy, and explained the differences.

"This TDY has been awesome," Cadet Larkin said. "This tour of the 36th CES has really shown me what goes on in the operational Air Force. At the Academy, classes are geared more towards academics than operations. I'm glad I had the opportunity to come to Andersen because I've learned so much while here."

The tour of the 36th CES was the main focus of the cadets' TDY but the cadets also received some Team Andersen VIP treatment.

"We were very fortunate to receive a tour of the air traffic control tower, view F-22 Raptors and B-2 Spirit bombers and receive incentive flights while here," said Cadet 1st Class Cameron Bowsky, Air Force Academy cadet. "We also had the opportunity to see the island of Guam which was awesome."

According to Cadet Bowsky, the island community was also a good part of the cadets' TDY.

"It was really cool to have the opportunity to experience a new culture," Cadet Bowsky said.

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