Families Join Together to Get the Job Done
on Saturday, 25 April 2009

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Story by Pfc. Jasmine Walthall


"We had no idea that we would be in Iraq at the same time," said Fields, a Guardsman since 1984. "We happened to be talking about a project that our units were involved in and realized we were talking about the same project and his unit would be building the work area for our unit."

In January, RED HORSE Airmen led the planning and constructing of a new aviation maintenance facility and went on to complete the Southwest Asia hut project, which ensured that Task Force 449, and aviation brigades that followed, are mission capable.

"Our relationship helped the entire process along," said Fussell, who has been in the Air Force for 19 years. "Since we already knew each other and worked well together, we were able to complete the mission efficiently and earlier than planned."

Fussell and Field's families, who still live in Rose Hill, N.C., also benefit from knowing the cousins are deployed together.

"It helped our families deal better with knowing that we would be there looking out for each other," said Fields, who works at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C.

The cousins have already made plans to take some trips together now that they have re-established their relationship.

"We haven't had much contact since joining the military," said Fussell. "So we were able to do a lot of catching up, we're glad we got to work together."


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Last update: Saturday, 25 April 2009

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