Friday, 20 July 2018
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A roster of individuals who are or were in RED HORSE or Prime BEEF. Inclusion in this roster is voluntary and is not indicative of membership in the REDHORSE Association. Please note that the old Roster is still visible and can be viewed here, however it will no longer be maintained.

Over the years, we have all lost contact with RED HORSE or Prime BEEF brothers or sisters. The RED HORSE Roster is an effort to re-establish contact with those lost friends. The roster contains contact information from those who have chosen to have it listed. There are several search options (listed below) to help find your lost buddies. Although this service is open to all Horsemen, it is provided by dues paying members of the REDHORSE Association. As our membership grows, we will be able to provide more amenities such as this. We hope you will consider joining us in our endeavor.

Adding your name to the Roster:

Click on the Add Entry link above. You will be taken to the entry form. You may enter as much or as little information as you are comfortable with, however, your Last Name, Full Name, Email Address and Unit (s) are required entries.

Please add ONLY your last name in the Last Name field. This will insure that searches bring up the correct information.

Highlight the unit that you wish to be listed under and then click on the >>> link to add your choice to the Categories Box. Repeat this for each unit that you wish to be listed under. You can be listed in as many as 5 categories. You may add any additional information such as where you were stationed or nicknames etc. in the box provided.

In order to keep spam or porn entries from being added, your entry will not appear until it has been approved. We will do our best to approve your entry in a timely manner.


Click on each category (unit) below to view all entries in that category. Click on the alphabetical links above to search for all entries beginning with that letter. Entries are sorted by last name. Or finally, click on Search to enter any freeform criteria.


Prime BEEF -

Prime BEEF

200 RHS -

200 RHS

200 RHS Det 1 -

200 RHS Det 1

201 RHS -

201 RHS

201 RHS Det 1 -

201 RHS Det 1

202 RHS -

202 RHS

203 RHF -

203 RHF

219 RHS -

219 RHS

254 RHS -

254 RHS

307 RHS -

307 RHS

31 RHF -

31 RHF

554 RHS -

554 RHS

555 RHS -

555 RHS

556 RHS -

556 RHS

557 RHS -

557 RHS

560 CES -

560 CES

560 RHS -

560 RHS

567 RHS -

567 RHS

712 RHF -

712 RHF

7219 CEF -

7219 CEF

7319 RHF -

7319 RHF

809 ERHS -

809 ERHS

819 RHS -

819 RHS

820 RHS -

820 RHS

823 RHS -

823 RHS



1 CEG -


1 ERHG -


Airborne RED HORSE -

Airborne RED HORSE

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