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Hrlburt, Field 9 PDF Print E-mail
on Sunday, 03 June 2007

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Published in : , Short Stories

Hurlburt, Field 9
by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   819th, 820th 

Hulburt was mostly just referred to  as Field 9.  Us Range guys were giving  the  task  of  putting up
radiation signs all around the  base.  We strung  them up on wire strung from tree to tree. When  
we came to the swamp, the going got a little  nasty, but  we  kept  at it.  Well, one  day  I  stepped
on a baby gator's  tail; oh man I  ran one way  falling in the  mud, and he ran the other.   A civilian  
caught  it, and we named  him Alley  Gator, and  took him back  to  Eglin.  We tried to feed him
those old  horse cock  sandwiches out  of  our  box lunches, he  didn't  like  them any better  than
we did. We would nudge  him with our  boots, and  he  would  snap at  them.  Then some one in
the crew, no  names or  initials, remembered the old  Pop Eye cartoons  where  would  rub the  
gators belly  and  make  him go  to sleep. We tried it, and son of  a gun, it worked.  We became  
attached  to the little  guy, and hoped the  civilian  who took  him home  kept  him as a, pet forever.

We  use to  eat  at  the  ranger camp when we were out that  way, Good food.  I  had to pull KP
at  Field  3 sometimes, not  bad duty. We  filled in the old  Bomark silos on Santa Rosa Island,
with dry sand, and covered them with wood floors.

Last update: Sunday, 03 June 2007

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