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Bridge Out PDF Print E-mail
on Sunday, 03 June 2007

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Published in : , Short Stories

Bridge Out
by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   555th 1968 

Stationed at Cam Ranh Bay, 555, in 1968 as a carpenter we had a shortage of plywood. All of our
plywood was ruined by being stored uncovered in the supply yard. Phan Rang, 554, had an
abundance of plywood but were short 2" x 4"'s. We were to make a trade and I was tasked to
make the delivery. We went down the road in a 40' trailer. There was an old bridge on the Phan
Rang side of Benoi (sp) I don't know what direction, N-S-E-W as I didn't know where I was on
the map. Upon traveling over this bridge it was a one way travel and very narrow. The roadway
was made for a donkey cart and it had walking paths on each side. The duels were on the walking
paths and when you looked down out the window you couldn't see the paths and looked straight
down about 30'. We went very slow and easy.

On the return trip it was raining like a two______ cow ______on a flat rock. Traffic was backed
up and stopped. When we got to the bridge it was gone. Colapsed into the revine below. We had
to detour around in the deep mud to get home. We didn't have a rear window and the mud
covered the back of our heads from being slung up from the wheels. Should have had windshield
wipers on the inside of the glass. Don't know if the rain took the bridge down or the bad guys.

Last update: Sunday, 03 June 2007

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