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Thursday, 31 May 2007
Brotherhood of the Cable
By Charles Mitchell

We are a Brotherhood, both men and women.  No person ever born has wanted to go to
war.  Yet, there were those of us who were called or, hearing those distant drums,
stepped forward.  We went where our leaders told us to go and fought whom our leaders
told us to fight.         

We took up the sword and steeled our arms for those who had no sword; we took up the
shield to protect those who did not have the strength.  We knew we could die in their

We stood shoulder to shoulder and faced the enemy; ready to die for each other.  The one
standing next to you may have been a total stranger, may have been someone you
thoroughly disliked.  But we were ready to die for them and they for us.         

And in the face of such horrendous conflict a Cable was drawn and forged in the fires of
war.  This Cable was tempered in a cauldron filled with our blood, sweat and endless
tears.  This Cable passes from the heart of one warrior to the next, inexorably binding
those who stood, armed and ready to prosecute a war against an enemy.  So tempered,
this Cable cannot be broken and passes through each and every one of us who served.  It
even reaches beyond the veil we call Death; passing through black granite, marble and
limestone, erected to remember those who fell before the enemy.  It reaches into the
hearts of those who lie at rest in the grave, awaiting the last call of trumpets.         

Many see us today.  Our eyes may be a little “steely”, our gaze a few yards more distant
than others.  Some of us may speak easily of the days facing the enemy, some may prove
stubbornly reticent.  Yet, ironically we will readily banter with others who are bound by the

There are those who did not answer the call of distant drums, and they might feel left out.  
To them I say: Do not feel envy, do not feel jealousy.  Be filled with a sense of pride, honor
and respect. These are the few who stood between you and certain devastation.  

These are the Brotherhood of the Cable.

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