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The Legend of Charging Charlie PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Legend of Charging Charlie

Listen closely, and you can hear the Horsemen of the past,
Their presence is near.
Their banners are placed upon these walls.
Faintly you can hear their footsteps in these halls.

When in ranks, the wind that's felt upon your face,
It's the men of the past marching by, keeping pace.
Many times called upon to meet the task.
They rode Charging Charlie -- those men of the past.

The legends they made are still being told about
The deeds of the Horsemen, and on Charlie who they rode
To future riders -- you take heed.
The Horse you're riding is a mighty steed.

If you can't hold the reins, don't take the ride.
Old Charlie has lots of pride.
To each new Horseman, you must explain
What it means to carry the RED HORSE name.

We hope you understand and listened well.
You may have to ride Charlie through the gates of hell.
The flames will be fanned with an evil wind.
This is one ride Charlie's to win.

Seek you wisdom, and serve with pride.
Then Charging Charlie gives one hell of a ride.
We rode Old Charlie.  We paid our due.
Today, the reins, we hand over to you.

Take care of Old Charlie, and he'll take care of you.
In the depths of hell, he will bring you through.
We've given you the reins; now you take the lead
Because it's men like you that makes Old Charlie
"The Mighty Steed"

CMSgt. Alfred "Lindy" Gothia,
USAFR (Ret.)

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